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Client : Box Rallies
Shoot locations : Practically all of Australia!
Project : Full event coverage including videos, photography and digital media content

One of the most extreme and rewarding productions we take care of is Shitbox Rally. A 7 day adventure through Australia's most arduous roads tackled in cars worth less than $1k, all in the name of charity! Since it started back in 2010 it has raised over $6 million for the Cancer Council, making it their largest community fundraiser in Australia.

We have covered production for the rally since 2012, incorporating daily videos, photography and digital content for social media and in 2014 produced a full length documentary, The Rally, together with National Geographic Channel. It premiered in May 2015 and has been broadcast multiple times via Foxtel. More screenings will be announced soon!

For more on Shitbox Rally you can visit the official website, 'like' it on Facebook and watch all the videos we've made over the years on their Vimeo channel.

9th - 15th May 2015, from Canberra > Hay > Silverton > Marree > Birdsville > Boulia > Hughenden > Townsville

Daily filming, photography and digital content for social media channels. One longer video edited and uploaded a few weeks after the rally ended. After years working on this rally and editing during the stopover locations, we thought it was about time we mixed things up a bit (and got some sleep in the process!). The focus was on "bringing the party back", the 2015 theme which saw shorter driving days and more ridiculous entertainment in the towns we passed through, as well as stops at some of Australia's most iconic pubs including the Birdsville Hotel! The result was a 33min short film cut together in a way that makes you feel as though you're right there with the teams, sucking in all the dirt and the incredible atmosphere that is Shitbox Rally.

Camera: Luisa Mirabilio, Teagan Glenane and Cam Suttie
Editor: Luisa Mirabilio
Photographer: Lachlan Gardiner

31st May - 6th June 2014, from Perth > Meekatharra > Marble Bar > Broome > Fitzroy Crossing > Mt Barnett > Victoria River >Darwin

Daily filming and photography with 1min teaser videos edited and uploaded each day for distribution on social media. The rest of the footage was then compiled into a feature-length 90min documentary, 'The Rally', that was edited and released by National Geographic in May 2015!

Camera: Luisa Mirabilio, Cam Suttie and Simon Koloadin
Editor: Luisa Mirabilio
Photographer: Jarrad Seng

'The Rally' documentary trailer 

4th - 10th May 2013, from Adelaide > Coober Pedy > Uluru > Warakurna Roadhouse > Tjukayirla Roadhouse > Laverton > Kalgoorlie > Fremantle

Full event coverage including videos and photography. Filming during the day and editing 3-5min videos each night, obviously forgot how much torture that was from the previous year but this time we were smart enough to enlist the help of two extra crew members!

Camera: Luisa Mirabilio, Dan Murphy, Tim Standing
Editing: Luisa Mirabilio & Dan Murphy
Photography: Rodney Magazinovic

14th - 21st April 2012, from Melbourne > Wentworth > Tibooburra > Innamincka > Windorah > Winton > Undara > Cairns

Selection of team profiles uploaded in the weeks leading up to the rally. Full event coverage including photography, filming and editing of daily videos. Given this was our first attempt at covering the event we thought it would be a great idea to produce daily videos so we could upload them to social media each day, give people back home something to follow etc. Of course this meant we also had to edit the videos at night, forfeiting sleep all together (literally no sleep for 8 days straight, except for some short naps in the back of cars). We edited in some very questionable places within the stopover towns, including the floor of a primary school, a local bistro and the inside of a tent with a power cable running through a toilet block. We didn't realise just how incredible these people would be, the teams each had their own story and reasons for doing the rally, we literally couldn't turn the cameras off, it was just too good! The videos were a huge success not just for teams to show their sponsors and use for fundraising in future rallies but also to promote the rally for what it truly is; erratic, unpredictable, dirty and spectacular! A terrific outcome to what was truly the most horrific sleep deprivation we have ever experienced.

Filming, editing and photography: Luisa Mirabilio and Dan Murphy

Photos by: Jarrad Seng
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