Client : RMIT University
Shoot locations : Mexico City, Vietnam, Australia
Projects : We have completed numerous projects for RMIT over the years including two international productions in Mexico and Vietnam, as well as animations, research and program-specific videos and event photography. All videos can be viewed on the official RMIT YouTube page and some have been featured below.

All videos © RMIT University
Produced, filmed and edited by: Luisa Mirabilio

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Produced, filmed and edited by Luisa Mirabilio
Typography by Carla Hackett

^ Mexico City study tour - research focus

^ Mexico City study tour - promo

^ Part 1: Research project filmed in Vietnam. 

^ Part 2: Research project filmed in Vietnam.

^ Student profile, filmed in HCMC Vietnam.

^ France photography study tour promo.

^ Student profile filmed at the Carlton Football Club

^ Engineering student profile.

^ Student profile filmed at the Royal Children's Hospital.

^ Dentistry student profile.

^ Student profile, chemistry

^ Stop-frame animation using 500 Meccano pieces

^ Research field trip filmed at Lakes Entrance NSW.

^ RMIT Library promo.

^ International students studying TAFE at RMIT.

^ Regional science roadshow.

^ Zombies make everything more exciting!

^ Teaching degree career pathways.

All photos by: Luisa Mirabilio
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